Safety Tips for Viewing this years Solar Eclipse!

SAFETY GLASSES MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES WHILE LOOKING AT THE SUN. YOU MUST WEAR APPROVED EYE PROTECTION TO VIEW THE ECLIPSE. Solar Eclipse Safety Tips 1. Looking at the sun for more than a couple seconds can cause significant permanent harm to our retinas and our eyesight. 2. Exposure to the ultraviolet light… Read more »

Register Guard asks Dr. Peter Karth about Protecting Eyes during Eclipse

The Register Guard asked our very own Dr. Peter Karth about the importance of safe viewing of the Solar Eclipse in August. Dr. Karth, a retina specialist, explained how the retina can be damaged from staring at the sun, the effects of that and why you’ll need special glasses to safely view the eclipse. You… Read more »

4th of July Eye Safety

By W. Benjamin Kunz, MD This upcoming fun holiday, there will be many opportunities to celebrate and fireworks are a big part of that. Unfortunately, fireworks can often lead to injuries and eyes are very susceptible to firework trauma. Unlike the rest of your body which is typically injured by burns, eyes are susceptible to… Read more »

27-Gauge Vitrectomy for Complex Vitreo-retinal Disease

By John W. Karth, M.D. Recent advances in surgical instrumentation have allowed safer and more effective treatment of complex surgical diseases. Vitrectomy surgery is used for many retinal problems, including diabetic retinopathy, tractional retinal detachments and proliferative vitreo-retinopathy. Some of the most challenging cases are severe tractional detachments due to diabetic retinopathy. This occurs when… Read more »

Pregnancy and Your Eyes

By Peter A. Karth M.D., M.B.A. Congratulations—You or one of your loved ones is expecting! Typically, changes in a mother’s body take steps center stage, but pregnancy affects the entire body, sometimes in ways that aren’t expected. Not only does that baby bump start to grow, but intrinsic steroids increase along with blood pressure blood… Read more »

Different Types of Uveitis

By Robert M. Beardsley, M.D. In my previous article, I discussed the basis of uveitis and how important the part of the eye affected can be in making an accurate diagnosis. Anterior uveitis Anterior uveitis is the most common form of uveitis. Most of the time, people have red, painful eyes (one or both), are… Read more »

Not Every Red Eye is Pink Eye

By Robert M. Beardsley, M.D. Inflammation involving your eyes can take many forms. Your eyes can be pink, watery and itchy from allergies (IgE response); painful, goopy and red from conjunctivitis (infectious causes); and scratchy and red from foreign substances getting in the eyes, such as sawdust or metal. There is also a cause that… Read more »