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Your vision is one of the most important elements of your health, well-being and lifestyle. At Oregon Eye Consultants, we aim to support an atmosphere that will comfort and educate our patients in all services they receive. Our goal is to enhance the life of each patient through compassionate vision care, flexible options and patient-centered services.

No Surprise Act 2022

In accordance with the “No Surprise Act” Oregon Eye Consultants will provide our patients with a good faith estimate for expected charges. Patients eligible are those that do not have insurance or patients whose insurance is out of network for our practice. Please contact our Billing Department at (541) 686-3093 for more information. For more information, visit this website:

About Your Visit

What to Bring

  • Eyeglasses and/or contact lenses
  • Current health insurance card(s)
  • Driver’s license or other photo ID

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Patients being seen for a comprehensive medical eye exam should plan on being in our office 60 to 90 minutes. During this time, YOU MAY be DILATED at your appointment  and you will receive a refraction that will allow your physician to determine the need for a prescription for glasses and/or contacts. Your ophthalmologist will also perform routine medical testing during your visit. Additional testing may be needed as decided by your physician.

Retina Examination

Your first visit may last three to four hours, depending on the need for special testing and treatment. We suggest that someone drive you to and from our office since both of your eyes will be dilated for your examination. Some reading material may be helpful. If treatment of one of your eyes is required, that eye may be patched overnight.

A retinal exam includes a thorough, complete evaluation of your eye by your physician including the retina, optic nerve and retinal blood vessels.

Transportation Services

You can use Ride Share to get to your appointments. Contact RideSource at 541-682-5566, toll free at 1-877-800-9899, or 7-1-1 (TTY) form more information.

Language Assistance

Translators are available in nearly any language to help you during your visit. Your translator will assist with communication and any questions you have for our staff and physicians during your appointment.

Financial and Insurance Options

Oregon Eye Consultants provides flexible billing options and accepts a full range of insurance plans. Contact us with any questions you may have.

Schedule an Appointment

Log in to your patient portal account or call us at 541-687-1927 to schedule an appointment at any of our locations, including Eugene, Springfield, Florence, Newport, North Bend, Corvallis, and Roseburg, Oregon.

Prepare For Your Appointment

You can save time spent in clinic by completing your registration and health history forms at home and bringing them with you to your appointment. You can find our forms here:

Patient Registration

Health History Form

Request for Access to Medical Records

HIPAA Privacy Notice Summary

Notice of Privacy Practices