Eugene Eye Doctors

Eugene Main & Eugene Retina Clinic


1550 Oak St. Suite 7
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Retina Clinic
1550 Oak St. Suite 4
Eugene, Oregon 97401


8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


(541) 687-1927


(541) 683-8779

Our Eugene clinic is conveniently located on the south side of downtown Eugene. Our Oregon Eye Surgery Center is located right next door, offering patients top of the line eye care and surgery in one building.

The Eugene office has two parking lots, one in front of the building along 16th and Oak Streets, and a larger parking lot at the northwest side of our building, off of Oak Alley and 15th. There are entrances to the building on both the south and northwest sides. Our offices are wheelchair accessible and handicap parking is available for those who need it.

Eugene Physicians:

Main (Suite 7)

  • Dr. Keyhan F. Aryah, MD
    Specialties: Comprehensive Ophthalmologist in Anterior Segment, Cataract and Anterior Segment Surgery, Oculoplastics, and Glaucoma management
  • Dr. W. Benjamin Kunz, MD
    Specialties: Cornea and External Disease Specialist, Refractive Surgery, Comprehensive Ophthalmology
  • Dr. Ernest Puckett, MD
    Specialties: Glaucoma Management, Cataract & Anterior Segment Surgery, Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Retina Clinic (Suite 4)

  • Dr. John W. Karth, MD
    Specialties: Medical and Surgical Diseases of the Retina and Vitreous
  • Dr. Robert M. Beardsley, MD
    Specialties: Medical and Surgical Diseases of the Retina and Vitreous, Uveitis and Ocular Inflammatory Diseases
  • Dr. Allan A. Hunter, MD
    Specialties: Medical and Surgical Treatment of Retina and Vitreous

Patient Testimonials:

“The lobby is attractive, employees are friendly and helpful, wait time is minimal, and the doctor and technician are knowledgeable and attentive to questions.”
– Jackie, Patient since 2017

“Great atmosphere, felt comfortable with staff. Dr. was very professional and friendly, and seemed very competent.”
– Randall, Patient since 2005

“I highly recommend Oregon Eye Consultants. With two offices, locally, the wait time and quality care given to patients has vastly improved. Everyone is very friendly and helpful! I’ve been to the Eugen and Springfield offices and both offer very good services!”
– Lori, Patient since 2005