The Retina

Wondering what exactly the Retina is?

What is the retina?

This photo, courtesy of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, shows a diagram of the eye, including the location of the Retina. The Retina has light-receptive cells that transfer light information via nerve impulses via the optic nerve to the brain, where an image is formed.

Retina Complications

The health of your retina can be affected or threatened in many different ways. Some conditions that may affect your retina include diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, retinal tear, macular holes, endophthalmitis and retinal vascular diseases among others.You will need to see a retina specialist if you have any of these conditions. Your primary care physician, your rheumatologist, your optometrist or general ophthalmologist are just a few of your doctors that may refer you to a retina specialist for care.

What is a Retina Specialist?

A retina specialist has extensive and specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment, including surgical treatment, of your retina, vitreous and macula.

Our Retina Specialists

Our retina specialists here at Oregon Eye Consultants, Dr. John Karth, MD and Dr. Robert Beardsley, MD, are leaders in retinal care, and see patients not only in our Eugene Eye Clinic, but also at our Springfield, Roseburg, Florence, North Bend, and Newport locations.

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Have you been referred to a retina specialist or need to see one?

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