Oregon Retina

Oregon Retina Care

Oregon Eye Consultants provides the highest level of retinal care to our Oregon Community. Oregon Eye Consultants boasts top retina specialists and comprehensive ophthalmologists.

What is a retina specialist?

Looking to establish care with a retina specialist? You can schedule with one of our retina experts today by calling 541-687-1927.

Oregon Retina Care

Our retina specialists and staff are proud to provide the absolute highest level of retina care to our community.

Our retina specialists see patients at all of our clinic locations, including Eugene, Springfield, Newport, Florence, Roseburg and North Bend, Oregon.

State of the Art

Our retina specialists are leaders in retina care, and our clinic offers state of the art testing and the latest in treatments. You can self-refer to any of our retina specialists and our team is available for you right away.

Call 541-687-1927 to schedule with one of our retina specialists in Eugene, Springfield, Newport, Florence, Roseburg, and North Bend today.