Retina Specialist

Have you been referred to a Retina Specialist or are you wondering what a Retina Specialist is?

A retina specialist is a medial doctor with specialized training and expertise in ophthalmology with a sub-specialty in the medical and surgical treatment of the retina and vitreous.

Retina Specialists are highly trained, and their training generally includes:

4 Years of Undergraduate Schooling

4 Years of Medical School

1 Year Internship

3-4 Years Ophthalmology Residency

1-2 Year Retina-Vitreous Fellowship

Some Retina Specialists have additional fellowships, in Uveitis for example, which offer further sub-specialty training and expertise.

Need to see a Retina Specialist?

Our team of Retina Specialists provide the highest level of retina care at our Eugene Eye Clinic, our Springfield Eye Clinic, our Florence Eye Clinic, our Roseburg Eye Clinics, our Newport Eye Clinic and our North Bend Eye Clinic Location. Our Retina Specialists also see patients who come from the surrounding areas for specialized treatment, including Corvallis, Albany and Lebanon.

To Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with any of our three retina specialists, call 541-687-1927 and you will be seen promptly.