Cataract Surgery


Our eyes contain a natural lens that bends (refracts) light coming into our eyes to help us see. When you have a cataract, that lens that is naturally clear becomes cloudy. It may seem as if you are looking through a dusty car windshield or fog. Objects and people may look blurry, hazy or less vibrant. Aging is the most common cause; normal proteins in the lens start to break down, causing the lens to get cloudy.

Cataract Surgery

Our Cataract Surgery Experts here at Oregon Eye Consultants, Dr. Keyhan Aryah & Dr. Benjamin Kunz , are highly skilled at cataract removal and IOL (intraocular lens) placement.

Having Cataract Surgery?

Are you having cataract surgery and wondering what to expect? The below video from our very own, Dr. Kunz, will walk you through what to expect on the day of your cataract surgery. This video features our Oregon Eye Surgery Center, our ambulatory surgery center located next door to our Eugene Eye Clinic. Your cataract surgery may be at a local hospital or the Oregon Eye Surgery Center depending on your location or health risks.

Looking for a Cataract Surgery Specialist?

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Still have questions regarding your upcoming Cataract Surgery with Oregon Eye Consultants?

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Cataract eye photo courtesy of the American Academy of Ophthalmology