5 tips for Halloween Eye Safety

As the holiday approaches, many of us are looking for that perfect costume. Unfortunately, Halloween is a popular holiday for eye injuries, so we put together 5 tips for eye safety to keep in mind while choosing your costume.

  1. Avoid decorative contact lenses. Contacts purchased at Halloween costume shops or drug stores are typically unregulated. These contacts do more than change your eye color – they can create eye infections, corneal abrasions, sores and even in serious cases, cause blindness. All contacts should be fitted by your eye doctor following a comprehensive eye exam. To see what contacts are regulated, check out info here.

  2. Use hypo-allergenic cosmetics. It is important to use these cosmetics, especially around your eyes. Avoid metallic, flaky or glitter eye make-up. Cosmetics you purchase at Halloween stores tends to be poor quality and can create rashes and allergic reactions. It is important to thoroughly wash your face before going to bed. Never share cosmetics with anyone to avoid cross-contamination.

  3. Eyelash extensions by a professional only. Only use eyelash extensions that are applied by a certified aesthetician. Ones purchased at Halloween stores are not high quality and can cause irritation, infections and watery eyes. Many people find out they are allergic to the glue used to adhere the lashes to your eyes, so be sure to do a spot test first to determine if you have a sensitivity.

  4. Avoid costumes that obstruct your vision. It is unsafe to drive with large hats or wigs that reduce your line of sight. If you are dressing as a pirate, please only wear the patch once you have arrived at your destination.

  5. No sharp props. Avoid costumes that have swords, spears or other sharp objects to keep those around you safe. There are more trips to the ER than you might imagine on Halloween from someone getting poked in the eye.

As a general rule of thumb – if in doubt, count it out! Following our 5 Tips for Halloween Eye Safety can help minimize infections. Please keep yourself and others safe while you are enjoying the Halloween festivities! Please call our office or use our patient portal to schedule a comprehensive eye exam and contact lens fitting.